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Original Coating ROLLERI

Super Dry Punch (SDP)

Perfect tool for stainless steel!

This is our best tool. Incredible durability and defeated the common sense that „Stainless is hard to process“.
This tool is suitable for night time unattended operation and dry (no oil lubrication on the sheet metal) condition punching.

Super Dry Punch (SDP) is available with only the following shapes.

ROLLERI Long life Punch (RLP)

Most efficient in long life and cost!

High performance for all purpose, especially for mild steel, galvanized steel with high corrosion resistance !

Special shapes are also available for this treatment.

ROLLERI Hard Punch (RHP)

Ultra cost performance tool for reasonable price!

Reasonable price and suitable for all purpose.

RHP shows high performance reducing adhesion and galling which is more likely to be caused by processing Aluminum and Coated steel sheet.