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Material Difference

1. We use the best quality high speed steel materials for punch

ROLLERI uses powder type high speed steel for punch body.*

Structure of this material is very much fine and does not have unevenness of ingredient. Shock resistant ratio is double strong and frictional wear is 50% better than standard high speed steel (HSS).

* Thick turret tooling only, but there are some excluded items.

2. Even D2 steel (SKD-11) is different from standard

a) ROLLERI uses improved D2 steel for die.
This material has twice of spring character and hardness is higher than general D2 steel. (HRC 58 to 60) Also more better anti-chipping and crack than standard D2 steel.
This improved D2 steel has good performance for wire EDM because material does not have residual stress in the material.

b) ROLLERI uses super sub-zero heat treatment process on D2 steel for standard punch.
Material is put into –130cent degree just after heat treatment. This process gives material structure fine and better for stability and hardness. Normally sub-zero process is done only for precision equipment or gages.